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  • EARTH DAY - Win £500 Worth of Prizes!
    CELEBRATING EARTH DAY WITH £500 WORTH OF PRIZES Did you know that Utilita High 5 gives you tips to help improve your energy efficiency? ... see more
  • Power Payback Highlights
    @Trikky2 That is still really good, Richard! ​​​​​​​I hope you had a nice weekend? 🤗 see more
  • ?
    @Gee1 Hey there 🤗 Can I just check if you have been given reasons as to why the appointments have not gone ahead, and have you been given any... see more
  • ?
    How has your service been with smart meter install, mine has been booked in 3x and still has not been installed due to Utilita messing up see more
  • Power Payback Highlights
    Hi, Sorry could not find the thread to really reply :) But this round only reduced my electric by 97%, whilst last one was by 100%. In my defence... see more
  • No data available for gas
    @Gord Morning! Oh no, sorry to hear this! Thanks for letting us know here on the Community, as it's important we help you get this fixed. Can you... see more
  • No data available for gas
    It's been around 2 months now since I have had any data updates for my gas. This is on both the smart meter and the app. I have spoken on live chat... see more
  • Smart meter offline
    @Rebecca I have escalated it thanks, have to await an engineer on 12th June. Really not good, completely stressed me out, spent hours on the phone 😞 see more
  • Smart meter offline
    @Jil Oh no! I am really sorry to hear this! Not convenient at all! Keep me posted today to see if it sorts itself out - if not, I can get it... see more
  • No electric data showing on IHD
    @JayDee Hi there 🤗 The easiest way to switch is online here. Please let me know how you get on, I would love to hear how your switch goes.😊 ... see more
  • One day a week my usage DOUBLES.
    My usage has said nothing for gas and electric about 5 days which is not true, just waiting for it all to be added all together in just one day. see more
  • Smart meter offline
    Hi, yes I have. I eventually got through, they got me to input a 4 digit code & it's still off. Said it might come back on within 24 hours, they have... see more
  • No electric data showing on IHD
    @Rebecca Thank you Now that I have resolved my complaint with british gas, i would like to switch my gas supply over to Utilita. How do I proceed... see more
  • Smart meter offline
    @Jil Hey there! Silly question, but have you tried resetting it? ​​​​​​​Rebecca 🤗 see more
  • No electric data showing on IHD
    @JayDee Great to hear it's managed to sort itself out! 🤗 see more
  • No electric data showing on IHD
    Hello again, ​​​​​​​This has since been resolved by itself i believe lol, thank you see more
  • No electric data showing on IHD
    Hello, Had British Gas out yesterday to exchange my gas meter (ongoing complaint with them) - they have paired the gas meter to my comms hub and... see more
  • Smart meter offline
    My smart meter is showing usage information however the app has stopped updating since Friday, not sure if that's any comfort but it all seems to be... see more
  • Smart meter offline
    Hi all. Does anyone know please why my smart meter is showing as being offline? My internet is connected. It's asking me to input a 4 digit code see more
  • Gas & Electric
    I have been again to top up £20 on gas I only owe the meter debt £5.90 it has not even given me my emergency credit. My electric debt on meter is &50... see more
  • Gas & Electric
    @melissa26503 Hi there, and sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Power Up for your gas. Here is a list of the possible reasons why. ... see more
  • Warm house £150
    @melissa26503 Hey 🤗 @ClaireH30 absolutely right! This years scheme has passed now. You can check the scheme details and eligibility criteria by... see more
  • March Bill not showing on app
    @MoW I am so pleased. 😊 Thank you again for letting me know about that - although it's not great that something went wrong - letting us know here... see more
  • Warm house £150
    Morning , I don't think you need to apply for home discount you automatically get it if you in receipt of certain benefits. You could always look it... see more
  • Warm house £150
    I’ve been reading about the £150 to help people who are struggling financially. I get an income of £66 a week to live on and that’s all I get. How do... see more
  • Gas & Electric
    Could someone help me understand my smart meter with the so called Friendly Hours.along with the Power Up, Electric let’s me Power up but then still... see more
  • March Bill not showing on app
    @Rebecca Thanks so much for looking into this. I can now see my bill in the app and have paid it. Maureen see more
  • March Bill not showing on app
    @MoW @rougvie83 Please see updated resolution in the an official resolution statement here 🤗 see more
  • March Bill not showing on app
    @MoW Hey there! 🤗 Thanks for hopping on and letting us know here on the Community! You should be able to the your bill within the app by next... see more
  • March Bill not showing on app
    I am having the same issue. Would usually be in app by 8th of the month. see more