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  • Unable to access Website or app
    Hi @kesh123, From the details you have provided regarding accessing the website This request was blocked by our security service ​​​​​​​ it looks... see more
  • Unable to access Website or app
    Hi, as per title I am unable to access website: Access denied Error 15 utilita.co.uk 2024-05-28 22:34:13 UTC What happened? This request was... see more
  • Member Message Update
    Hi everyone, I hope you all have a great Bank Holiday Weekend! πŸ€—πŸ€© Please be aware that next week, I will be away - and handing over to my... see more
  • Connect to WiFi - App issue!
    I have an Smart Display that shows balance and usage as it happens currently connected to WiFi since Feb 16th 2024, however its saying on my app that... see more
  • Smart meter not reading gas meter
    @Heatherc118 Hi there - and so sorry to hear this! Have they explained to you exactly what the issue is? Can you pop me your customer ref... see more
  • Smart meter not reading gas meter
    My smart meter is not reading my gas meter and has been like this since Christmas! Everytime I top up I have to get down on the floor to feed in the... see more
  • Smart meter
    Mine is the same! Engineer comes out gets wifi signal on gas meter and then leaves saying it takes 24 hrs to update! 4 days later still not... see more
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
    As we reflect on Mental Health Awareness Week that has just passed - we're thinking about the theme, which was MOVEMENT. Movement is something... see more
  • Smart score
    Hi Rebecca when I press the option smart score it say can’t connect to your meters see more
  • Smart meter
    No. On app on phone it says it isn't connected to meter. Think I need a new one. see more
  • Smart meter
    @jacks60 Hi there! Sorry to hear that! Did the engineer explain exactly why and what the issue is that's stopping them from being able to fix it?... see more
  • Smart score
    @Royle7 Hi there! Your meters themselves won't show your smart score, you'll be able to see your smart score via the My Utilita app. Where... see more
  • Smart meter
    My smart meter has never registered gas since I got it put in last year. Had engineers out but still nothing. I have to go outside every time I top... see more
  • Smart score
    Why won’t my meter’s show my smart score ​​​​​​​it’s saying can’t get data from them see more
  • Smart Unit rate for First 2 kWh
    @JDH Hi there! πŸ€— ​​​​​​​I would strongly advise actually speaking with our Billing Department, as they will be able to go into your account and do... see more
  • Top up not showing on neters
    Sorted now see more
  • Issue with top ups
    @Natachajane I am glad it's showing now πŸ˜€ Just as a good thing to know - you will never be charged for using your emergency credit - you just need... see more
  • Top up not showing on neters
    @Royle7 Hi there - has the app shown you any top-up codes that you can manually type into your meter? Thanks, Rebecca see more
  • Smart Unit rate for First 2 kWh
    Hi My understanding was my gas charges were Smart Energy First 2 kWh each Day at 20.847p per kWh, thereafter at 5.727p. So if I used 56 kWh... see more
  • Top up not showing on neters
    ​​​​​​​I topped up my meter’s 2-15 this morning Β£50 on each meter but it’s still not showing on the app i should have at least Β£90 on my electric and... see more
  • Deleting a debit card
    Hi Rebecca.. I've managed to change to my new card somehow but just for curiosity I clicked on payments>cards and it's showing that I've got no... see more
  • Deleting a debit card
    @Codeye Hi there πŸ‘‹ You should be able to just click on the card (In Payments>Cards), scroll down, and press delete. ​​​​​​​Let me know if that... see more
  • Issue with top ups
    Hi Rebecca, I have checked this morning and it's finally showing must have just been an error when updating. I only had 0.47p in debt that was... see more
  • Issue with top ups
    @Natachajane Hey there! I hope you had a nice bank holiday weekend? Sorry to hear that you had a bit of trouble with the savings functionality. ... see more
  • Issue with top ups
    I had topped up on the 28th of April. However the money I put in my electricity went into my savings...my own fault probably. I then tried to... see more
  • Deleting a debit card
    Hello. I've just had a new debit card and have added it in my app, I have made a payment off it to make sure it is working and it is, but can you... see more
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