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  • Refund
    @Bpartis10 Hey there - thank you for getting in touch and letting me know this. Firstly I want to apologise for this happening and the... see more
  • Refund
    I put £140 on my electric today tried to use my electric card but it doesn't work so I rung up and the lady said to ring the automatic payment line... see more
  • Credit mode
    @Claire79 Hi there! Thanks for letting me know my inbox is full - annoyingly it did not notify me of this - so I have just amended that issue there.... see more
  • Credit mode
    Hi Rebecca I have sent you a private message but it says you inbox is full, a lovely lady called Charlotte rang me sorted the switch over, thank you... see more
  • What is your small victory?
    Hello to all our Community Members, existing and new! 👋 How is everyone? We are now well into the winter months - and it can sometimes feel as... see more
  • Top up not gone on
    @Bella77 Hi Bella! So sorry to hear this! That is not ideal - Monday's are the busiest times for the Contact Centre but that is no excuse for the... see more
  • Top up not gone on
    Now I’ve just been disconnected after 55 minutes whilst speaking to agent to try rectify this. It’s a joke this is the third time this has happened... see more
  • Top up not gone on
    Electric top up not gone in and not showing in payment history but funds taken from my bank ??? An hour on chat got disconnected now on hold for... see more
  • Power up
    @Trace04 Hey there! Sorry to hear that! Have you got the latest version of your phone software and app version downloaded? Rebecca see more
  • Power up
    Hi y can't I ever power up.on my app see more
  • Update app?
    @Jobie Hi there can you please send me screen shots and forward the email you are referring to with the bill not opening to... see more
  • Credit meter
    @Claire79 Hi there 👋 To go on credit mode - you would simply be put into a different meter mode - and not need new meters installed 😊 I hope... see more
  • Credit meter
    Hi does anyone know whatnis involved into switching from pre payment meters to credit meters, has anyone done this? see more
  • Update app?
    Yeah all updated my phone does it automatic...also even when i receive emails frm you i click on thd linc and its still the same ...also i received... see more
  • Payback
    @Trace04 Thanks for the update, Trace! I have replied to your latest post asking you to private mail me, with a link to do so. Thanks for... see more
  • Update app?
    @Jobie Hi there! Can I just check you have the latest version of the app downloaded and you have the latest phone software version? This will... see more
  • Payback
    @Trace04 Ok Trace, thanks for letting me know. Just a heads up, you can push 'reply' in this thread, so we can keep chatting in the same one... see more
  • Update app?
    I keep trying to see my monthly bill on the app and i still see the bill from dec! Im keep getting charged late fees of £10 and £30 but i cant pay... see more
  • Payback
    No still not had payback or sms see more
  • Payback
    Yes not received any payback or sms see more
  • Payback
    @Trace04 Hi there - Just to confirm, do you mean you got no text message to let you know how much you saved? see more
  • Payback
    Morning justed letting u no still no payback see more
  • Payback
    @Trace04 Hey there! For last Thursdays event - you should receive your outcome SMS today letting you know how much you earnt for the event. Could... see more
  • Payback
    Still not received payback see more
  • Prize winners
    @Azzy1958 Hey 👋 Welcome to the Community and also, welcome to Utilita! If you follow Utilita on Facebook, there are posts that publish the... see more
  • Prize winners
    Hi, Does anyone know where you can find the list of prize winners on here, I've been a utilita customer for 9 months so.im basically new to all this,... see more
  • hats the point !!!!
    @Leor Hi there, and sorry to hear of these issues you are experiencing. I would be happy as your Community Manager to escalate this for you on... see more
  • Not been paid for reducing consumption
    @Jimbo1467 Hi there! I can confirm that the SMS stating you would save £0 was an error. You should receive the reward SMS today that details what... see more
  • hats the point !!!!
    What's the point? of app and online account when for the last 6 months £- - on both for balance ? On gas and electric I've had an engineer to me... see more
  • Being wrongly charged tariff
    @Desmond Hey there! 🤗 Without looking into your account directly, it would be hard to say or comment on, as this is a public forum to discuss... see more