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  • In-home display still not showing gas data.
    It is June 2022 and this on-going problem goes on and on. I want to keep an eye on usage but it's a no go every single day. see more
  • Connecting to Utilita - Help required
    Hi sim, I will check for you the documentation we will accept and update you soon. Cat 👋 see more
  • Connecting to Utilita - Help required
    I have moved in to a property I have bought supplied by Utllita. I phoned and was told to email id for me and documents for proof of ownership. My... see more
  • Telephone Number
    Kezwil82 Hi 😀 The general phone number is 0345 207 2000 ​​​​​​​Hope this helps? see more
  • Gas usage
    Chrisheron Thank you so much for this! It really helps! I am going off to take this to my App Team for investigation and will report back as soon as... see more
  • Telephone Number
    Hi, what’s the telephone number I can speak to someone? I am only getting the previous ven code and moving home. see more
  • Gas usage
    Rebecca please find attached image minus COST function. see more
  • Gas usage
    Chrisheron Hiya - I have gone back into the business and can confirm the cost function has not been removed. You can attach a screen shot of this... see more
  • Gas usage
    Rebecca both myself and the OP would like this investigated (therefore I havent 'changed my mind'. This facility does not allow screenshots to be... see more
  • Gas usage
    Chrisheron Ok Chris, I would still like to investigate this for you - especially as you are unhappy about it and raising it to me as your Community... see more
  • Gas usage
    Rebecca this certainly seems to be the case. Utilita do not need a screen shot as this approach has been launched across ALL platforms (as per... see more
  • Gas usage
    Chrisheron Hello there - this is certainly not the case. If you could send me a private mail with your account number and some screen grabs with... see more
  • Gas usage
    DeniseLynn How strange! If it is still only displaying the KwPh and not the actually monetary figure - please can you drop me a private mail with... see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Hi Tony, Rebecca is not working this week. If you have any questions please feel free to post them in our help and support section of the... see more
  • Government support payment
    Hi @Nightdreamer, It is yet to be confirmed how everyone will be receiving the payments. I have found a helpful article that might answer any... see more
  • energy displays version 2
    👋 Hi ...... and thank you see more
  • energy displays version 2
    Hi BLUEAPPLE, We have had a similar post to yours not too long ago, to view the post click here. I hope that answers your question 😊 Cat👋 see more
  • Government support payment
    Hi following the governments announcement regarding the £400 payment to help with rising prices, I was wondering how it would work being a pay as you... see more
  • energy displays version 2
    Hi does Utilita have the 2nd generation energy displays yet ? and how do I go about replacing my version 1 to a version 2 ... ​​​​​​​ see more
  • Top up
    Hi Robert17, Duplicate means your to up has already gone on to the meter. The smart meters are designed to do this and only occasionally would you... see more
  • Topping up manually
    Hi Melanie, If the code said duplicate when entered this means your top up went on automatically as designed and you would have received your... see more
  • Top up
    I usually just top up from my phone but our local housing association has given me a voucher which I tried to top up my meter with but it hasn’t... see more
  • Topping up manually
    I've given up topping up on the app as it keeps coming back rejected. So I've Been calling to do it on the phone. Just got someone to type in the... see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Rebecca hi i am tony and i would like some help with smart score please see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Val Hello Val! 😀 An incredibly warm welcome to you, it's sooo nice to hear from you and it already sounds like you are going to be a valuable member... see more
  • Gas usage
    Utilita have pulled a fast one. They have taken COST off the gas app so we cant monitor actual cost! KWH means nothing to me! I spoke and phoned... see more
  • Welcome to the 'Utilita Giving' Board!
    Val Morning 😀 A very warm welcome and hello! Of course! Anything that will help the community members and be eco friendly I am sure we will all love... see more
  • Welcome to the 'Utilita Giving' Board!
    @Rebecca hello! Is there any way I can introduce a local Community interest company, set up as a paint re-use and scrapstore to prevent items going... see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Hi I'm Val and I have been with Utilita for 15 months since I retired from running a home for homeless men. I have found them very helpful and it's... see more
  • Love is Love! Join us to celebrate 50 years of Pride.
    Rainbow flags at the ready… It’s time to celebrate 50 years of Pride! Since the first Pride rally in London on 1 July 1972, inspired by the 1969... see more
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