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  • Live chat still not working
    @melissa26503 Hi there Melissa. If you need an urgent call, please use the link in my signature to private mail me your full name, address & best... see more
  • Financial difficulty
    @melissa26503 Hi there! 👋 I replied to your post just before this one here. Just to reassure you - Utilita does not charge interest for any... see more
  • Change to direct debit
    @melissa26503 Hi there! 👋 Thanks for reaching out! The benefit of Pay As You Go mode is that you can balance and see how much you're spending... see more
  • debt letter recieved
    @Jackster Hey there! 👋 Sorry to hear about this confusion. I am more than happy to take a look at this to see what's happened. Please can you... see more
  • Live chat still not working
    Since Friday I have been trying to talk to an advisor on live chat the amount of times I have typed my email adress in is unreal.The moral of the... see more
  • Financial difficulty
    Since Friday I have been trying to speak to someone regarding my electric. I am now in debt for electric £40 so if it’s not paid today I will have no... see more
  • Smart Unit rate for First 2 kWh
    Have tried this but they couldn't grasp my query. ​​​​​​​So my question is if I use 56kwh let us say over 2 days, am I charged 4kwh at the first... see more
  • Change to direct debit
    I always said I would never have a smart meter installed but it happened, so all I ever seem to do is put money on then have to power up then it goes... see more
  • debt letter recieved
    have just recieved a debt letter for £32.95. but no explanation why. i have tried all the the phone numbers to contact utilita and also the useless... see more
  • Connect to WiFi - App issue!
    @cammappin Hi there and thanks for getting in touch about this. Can I ask one more thing that I cannot see in your message that you say you have... see more
  • my top up key is unrecognisable
    @Neil Hi there - sorry to hear this. I can get an emergency call made to you to get this sorted, please can you drop me a private mail using the... see more
  • my top up key is unrecognisable
    ive been unable to top up with my key as all outlets are showing its unrecognisable I'm now on emergency credit and registered vulnerable as all my... see more
  • Unable to access Website or app
    Hi @kesh123, From the details you have provided regarding accessing the website This request was blocked by our security service ​​​​​​​ it looks... see more
  • Unable to access Website or app
    Hi, as per title I am unable to access website: Access denied Error 15 utilita.co.uk 2024-05-28 22:34:13 UTC What happened? This request was... see more
  • Member Message Update
    Hi everyone, I hope you all have a great Bank Holiday Weekend! 🤗🤩 Please be aware that next week, I will be away - and handing over to my... see more
  • Connect to WiFi - App issue!
    I have an Smart Display that shows balance and usage as it happens currently connected to WiFi since Feb 16th 2024, however its saying on my app that... see more
  • Smart meter not reading gas meter
    @Heatherc118 Hi there - and so sorry to hear this! Have they explained to you exactly what the issue is? Can you pop me your customer ref... see more
  • Smart meter not reading gas meter
    My smart meter is not reading my gas meter and has been like this since Christmas! Everytime I top up I have to get down on the floor to feed in the... see more
  • Smart meter
    Mine is the same! Engineer comes out gets wifi signal on gas meter and then leaves saying it takes 24 hrs to update! 4 days later still not... see more
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
    As we reflect on Mental Health Awareness Week that has just passed - we're thinking about the theme, which was MOVEMENT. Movement is something... see more
  • Smart score
    Hi Rebecca when I press the option smart score it say can’t connect to your meters see more
  • Smart meter
    No. On app on phone it says it isn't connected to meter. Think I need a new one. see more
  • Smart meter
    @jacks60 Hi there! Sorry to hear that! Did the engineer explain exactly why and what the issue is that's stopping them from being able to fix it?... see more
  • Smart score
    @Royle7 Hi there! Your meters themselves won't show your smart score, you'll be able to see your smart score via the My Utilita app. Where... see more
  • Smart meter
    My smart meter has never registered gas since I got it put in last year. Had engineers out but still nothing. I have to go outside every time I top... see more
  • Smart score
    Why won’t my meter’s show my smart score ​​​​​​​it’s saying can’t get data from them see more
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