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  • Connecting to Utilita - Help required
    I have completed on a property where Utilita supply the gas and electric via a smart metre. I want to transfer the account into my name however on... see more
  • Energy Saving Tip of the Day!
    When did you last see your boiler? Many of us are guilty of neglecting the boiler cupboard, but what if we told you there’s a £79 saving to be made... see more
  • Smart meter
    Sherbert35 Hello there. I do not think it sounds like there is anything wrong with your meter, and even if your meter was faulty - it would not show... see more
  • Smart meter
    My smart meter has started to go a little crazy over the past few days,to watch 2 TVs and use an Xbox it is costing about 20pence an hour and to use... see more
  • Free Utilita Broadband!
    Do you want to receive free Utilita Broadband until 1 November 2022? To find out more, read our recent post to see how you can take part! 🤩 ... see more
  • Electricity
    Hi Calder123, I am sorry to hear about this, Utilita phone lines have seen an increase in calls due to the ongoing energy crisis, If you are ever... see more
  • Electricity
    I've been trying to phone Utilita to speak to someone regarding who actually supplies my electricity. Every time I phone Utilita, i've been waiting... see more
  • Utilita app
    Hi wondering if anyone can help me I'm having trouble topping up on the utilita app it just keep redirecting me to the online top up e-card...is... see more
  • Join us for World Culture Day!
    Held every year on 21 May, World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development offers an opportunity to highlight the richness of the... see more
  • Saver Rate doesnot kick in
    Update : The engineer installed the smart meter and took the faulty meter with him. The smart meter is not getting signals as it is in basement and I... see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Betsie Oh wow - it sounds like you have had such an interesting life! Where is your favorite placed you've lived? I have been to both Glasgow and... see more
  • Telephone top up
    Hi Tezza99 The smart meter is the one with the red and blue buttons and keypad, what you refer to is the IHD. The top ups are designed to go on... see more
  • Telephone top up
    Thanks, we don’t have a smart meter, would that mean that would have had to enter the code into the meter that was text to me? I understand the... see more
  • new geo IHD not connecting
    Hi treborsoul This is a simple fix that will require a call to customer services. They can be contacted on 0330 333 7442 Monday to Friday 8am -... see more
  • Telephone top up
    Hi @Tezza99, The smart meters are designed to upload top ups automatically within a few minutes and up to 30 min maximum for the gas, however... see more
  • Telephone top up
    Hi, what happens if I don’t put the code that is texted to me after I’ve done a telephone top up into the meter? Is it credited back to your account? see more
  • new geo IHD not connecting
    Hi people, Yes i've tried placing it closer, turning it off for a while, talking softly and stroking it , but our new geo IHD will not connect to the... see more
  • Members Only Exciting Opportunity
    ​​​​​​​ We have an exclusive, ‘Community Member only’ opportunity to get involved and test a BRAND NEW Utilita product that we are bringing to the... see more
  • Forgotten password
    Hi seanpalmer69, I have sent you a private message to assist with resetting your password. We do have other ways to top up such as at a Paypoint... see more
  • Forgotten password
    Thanks cat I've done that and guess what nothing there and I need to top up but I can't because I can't use the app and don't have any cards 🤬🤬🤬 see more
  • Forgotten password
    Hi seanpalmer69 Please check your junk/spam as the password reset emails do sometimes go to this inbox if the email address is not recognised by... see more
  • Forgotten password
    How can I reset my password, I've been waiting for 2 days for an email to reset my password and still haven't received one and I can't use the app... see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Rebecca thank you I am from Glasgow but live in livingston now my husband was in the army for 22yrs so we travelled a lot we have 4 children born in... see more
  • Switching Off
    👀👀👀 sounds very interesting, I’m looking forward to it 😃 see more
  • Switching Off
    Thank you 😊 It’s my pleasure offering money saving tips to our community that also helps our environment 💚 see more
  • How to: Connect your SMETS1 Smart Meter to your In Home Display
    DJSteve Sorry to hear this! Can you pop me a private message with your full address and customer reference number and I can get a member of our... see more
  • Help needed
    Abim Oh no - sorry to hear this. Can I confirm whether or not you are still facing these issues? Thanks, ​​​​​​​Rebecca - your Community Manager see more
  • Help
    @Fedupcustomer9377 Hello there, yes I can confirm every single person on this community is real and genuine. Sorry to hear you have had problems.... see more
  • Pricing going up
    Jobie An absolute pleasure - apologies for my late reply, I have been on holiday 😀 Hope you are well? see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Helllllooooo @kkamaleshkar 😀 Soooo nice to e-meet you! Welcome to Utilita and welcome to the Utilita Community! We would love to hear a but... see more
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