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  • Not matching
    vicsterb38 Good to hear that there is some kind of progress. Can you let me know how the meter fitting goes on the 19th - and please do remember,... see more
  • Utilita app
    Traceybailey68 I am sorry that you have had no joy here. It could be because there is no answer for you at present as to why this is happening. I... see more
  • fit payments
    I have written to Utilita re being fit registered. I am still waiting for a reply. GETTING NOWHERE FAST. see more
  • Blank Meter Display
    Rebecca Hi Rebecca, have you any more thoughts about solving my meter problem, kind regards, Gary see more
  • Not matching
    Rebecca I managed to speak to someone last night and they said the machine and app weren’t talking to each other as one had no connection or... see more
  • Utilita app
    My utilita app doesn't show my gas and electricity amounts and I have phoned utilita 4 times to get them to sort it out. I have installed and... see more
  • Not matching
    vicsterb38 Ok, this is very strange and sorry to hear this as it sounds annoying. And more importantly we want to ensure it's investigated - as it... see more
  • Cost of Living Crisis - Weekly Tip!
    Hello to all our Community Members! 👋 So, this weeks energy saving tip is to do with your boiler... Do you know what temperature your boiler is... see more
  • Blank Meter Display
    Rebecca The meter lights up and automatically scrolls through the different settings and immediately goes out after it displays " F-Credit ", I hope... see more
  • Not matching
    I’ve been with utilita for years now and this is the first issue I’ve had. ….. the app is staying the same - usage is not going down even though I’ve... see more
  • Not matching
    Rebecca I’ve put a £5 on about 20 mins ago so just waiting to see if this goes on see more
  • Not matching
    vicsterb38 That is strange! Do you mind me asking how long you have had and used and been topping up via the app for? Thanks, ​​​​​​​Rebecca see more
  • Not matching
    Rebecca I put £7 on Wednesday checked meter an hour later and it still hadn’t appeared. I then checked it yesterday morning before I went out at had... see more
  • Not matching
    vicsterb38 Hello there! 😀 The app is not always 100% accurate, it does disclaim that it's based on as accurate smart meter mirroring as possible,... see more
  • Not matching
    My app says I’m in credit but my meter states I’m in emergency credit see more
  • Blank Meter Display
    GaryB No problem at all! So the main meter is working then if it reacted and lit up. How quickly does it go dead again after lighting up? It could... see more
  • Blank Meter Display
    Hi Rebecca, thank you so much in replying to my thread, I pressed as requested A A then B and the main display lit up with all different reading as... see more
  • Blank Meter Display
    GaryB Hello Gary - can you try pushing buttons 'A' and 'A' again and then 'B' on your main meter and then tell me what your meter does? Thanks,... see more
  • help with energy bill
    Mags Hello! Welcome to the community! 😀 This thread will help answer your question! Rebecca see more
  • help with energy bill
    wondering if when we get the government help towards energy bills of £400 we get the option of whether its added to gas or electricity see more
  • Blank Meter Display
    My electric meter display is blank and my smart meter will not connect, does anyone know how to reset or rectify this problem. Thanking you see more
  • Invalid account number
    A new visa/credit card see more
  • Cost of Living Crisis - Weekly Tips and Help Posts!
    Hello Utilita Community Members! With the cost of living crisis in full swing - we will be sharing money and energy saving hints and tips in... see more
  • Warm Home Discount via the App
    Frances Would you mind popping me your customer reference number privately by clicking here to message me? Rebecca see more
  • Meter not configured
    I will thank you 😊 see more
  • Meter not configured
    Tammi I am so pleased to hear it is sorted 😀 Please do shout if you need anything else! ​​​​​​​Rebecca see more
  • The Warm Home Discount 2022 - Explained
    The Warm Home Discount is coming to England and Wales soon! 🏡 Something to note is that the scheme structure has changed this year... The... see more
  • Meter not configured
    I did I phoned them twice I’m not sure what happened but they said they hadn’t been getting anything from my meter for few days thankfully it’s fixed... see more
  • Warm Home Discount 2022 - Update
    We have some important updates regarding this years Warm Home Discount! 🏠 Households in England & Wales don’t need to apply for the scheme this... see more
  • Meter not configured
    Tammi Hello! Have you called in regarding this so an agent can take a look into your account and see if there is a particular issue causing this? ... see more
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