Have you just moved into a property with our Pre-Payment Meter(s)? Are you a little baffled on how it all works? Don’t fear, here we explain the 5 things you need to know/do in order to get you settled and all set up in a flash.

1. Pre-payment (also known as PAYG) simply means ‘pay-as-you-go’

Rather than paying for your energy after you use it, prepayment means you pay for your electricity and/or gas as you go along. You can have prepayment meters for either your gas, electricity or both. If you have a prepayment meter then we’ll send you a key or card through the post, which can be topped-up with credit, just like a mobile phone. If you’re using a key meter, you’ll need to top-up at a Pay-Point store, and then slot it into the key meter ready to start using your energy!
If you have our most up-to-date smart meters (SMET 1) find out how to download and start using our award winning My Utilita app, here!

2. Let us know you’re the new tenant/occupier

Congratulations on moving into your new home! We hope you’re feeling settled and have unpacked the essentials; The kettle, mugs and tea bags! It’s important to let us know whether you are moving in or out of a property supplied by Utilita, so we can update the account accordingly.

Moving in
By letting us know you have moved in to a property we supply, we can update the account details, send you top-ups cards/key if they have not been left by the previous occupier, and ensure your supply is on and everything is working.
You can let us know via:

  • Give us a call on 0345 2068 777
  • Fill in a quick and easy ‘Moving Home’ form on our website (we recommend doing this 2 weeks before the move so we can ensure everything is set up and ready for your move in date)

To avoid paying off any outstanding debt that may still be on the prepayment meter from the previous occupier, we also recommend sending us your tenancy agreement – you can upload this when you fill in the Moving Home form, or you can send it to us via email at customerservices@utilita.co.uk – be sure to reference your full name, address and customer refence number if you have it, so we know what customer account to upload it to.

Moving out
By letting us know you are moving out, we can ensure we remove your details from the account and send you your final bill or final balance that is outstanding on your meter, or refund you any un-used credit! We can also ensure that any future energy is not charged to you. If you are moving to a new property and would like to take us with you, we can also arrange this for you at the same time!
You can let us know via:

  • Call on 0345 2068 777
  • Fill in a quick and easy ‘Moving Home’ form on our website (we recommend doing this 2 weeks before the move so we can ensure everything is set up and ready for your move in date if you choose to take us with you to your new property)

3. All the information you need to know is shown on your meter

Want to know how much you’re paying for your electricity or gas? Your prepayment meter and handy In-Home Display will tell you how much you’re paying for your energy and how much energy you’re using.

4. Ready for your first top-up!

If you have an up-to-date Secure SMET Meter you’ll be able to download our award-winning app (make sure you have updated the energy account details with us first). You can top-up anywhere, any time and view your estimated balance! Find out more about how to download it and set it up here. You’ll of course still be able to top-up at the shop the traditional way if that suits you best, using your top-up cards! If you have an older legacy meter with a key, then you’ll need to top-up at your local PayPoint store still.

5. Emergency and Friendly Credit

We understand that things can get tough, especially before pay day comes around. You can lean on our £15 Emergency Credit as an extra safety net, as well as Friendly Credit hours from 2pm through until 10am weekdays and Friday from 2pm through until Monday at 10am weekends! Don’t forget you’ll need to top-up on the Monday with whatever you have used, to get you back to ‘plus credit’ amount on your meter (0.01p +)

In the case of emergencies with your meter, you should always call us – our contact centre is open Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm and Saturday 8am - 5pm and can be contacted on 0345 207 2000.

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