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    Hello guys 😊

    We understand that some weeks and months can be a little tighter on the purse strings, and sometimes payday can seem forever away.

    That is why we have Emergency Credit to help ease those tougher week and months you need a little helping hand.

    If your gas and/or electricity balance is running low, your In-Home-Display will send you an alert message on the screen, asking you to accept Emergency Credit.

    Simply press the display option 'E-credit' to start using your Emergency Credit.

    Or you can press the display option 'OK' to avoid using it and clear the alert.

    It's vitally important that you are mindful that any credit used will need to be repaid in full when you next go to top-up.

    How much you need to top-up by will clearly be shown on your In-Home-Display. The amount will be displayed as a negative figure & will be clearly displayed on the 'Account Info' screen.

    For example, if your balance showed -£13.00 - to ensure you do not loose supply, you would need to top-up at least £14 (that's £13 plus £1 of positive credit)

    To find out more, you can watch our handy step-by-step video below 😊👍

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  • Naruto1234's Avatar
    Level 4
    Hi I thank you for the video on E credit but I'm slightly confused on one thing i currently don't have a smart meter and am waiting for the new key and card to come through ive just switched and gone live today and on prepayment how do i activate E credit on a meter that isn't a smart meter is this £15 credit still available?
  • Tillymint's Avatar
    Level 7

    use the key you have now, it will work, trust. I had the same issue and was told to use the old suppliers key until new one arrived from them.

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