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    Hi guys, I hope you are all doing well? 👋

    Have you ever wondered why your supply stays on, even if you’ve used all your emergency credit? ?

    That’s when our Friendly Credit comes in - keeping you on supply from 2pm - 10am every week day, and all the way through the weekend, starting on Fridays at 2pm and ending on Monday mornings at 10am - even if you’ve run out of credit during those times.

    It's super important to remember that if you have used all your Emergency Credit and then use Friendly Credit within these outlined hours, you must top-up enough to get back into positive credit, to avoid loosing supply when Friendly credit hours end.

    This really handy video explains everything you need to know on how to use Friendly Credit to your advantage! 👍🙂

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    So why was my supply turned off at 14.28 this afternoon?
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