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  • Tillymint's Avatar
    Level 7
    it is easy to get in to a rut of eating and watching tv 🤣 but for me keeping my day as normal as possible is best. Shower in the mornings to wake up and coffee mid morning. Playing online scrabble and cuddles with the cat who now has her own Instagram lol! It is much better for me now I’m not living alone, I have regular company with my mum and brother in the house and we are a family that loves to laugh. I like to keep busy so for me my days are
    •cook something nice
    •bird watching in the garden
    •pestering my cat for cute photos (sorry Mollie)
    •online scrabble
    •a job around the house (sorting, tidying)
    I love that sort of stuff, last week I got the turps out and was cleaning the blobs of paint off the floor from years ago 🤣
    unless you are one of those people that has their life together then there is always a job to do around the house 😄

    Sorry for long post, when I get started that’s it lol
  • Dean's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hello Everyone 👋
    @Rebecca Another fantastic post.

    I hope everyone is doing well, These lockdowns have certainly seemed like they are becoming a monthly trend, My Advice is to anyone that is struggling would be to establish a routine., so for my self I will start my day off with a coffee and looking at my daily online forums and discussions, Then start work I find it very helpful to keep that work mentality especially working from home as then when I finish work for the day I can relax and I have not ran out of things to do and really helps makes the days more normal.
    @Tillymint I am very pleased to see that you now have more support, I would love to see your cats Instagram.😺
    @Naruto1234 I see we have a fellow gamer I myself am an avid player and I completely concur with your comments about the social interactions gaming has in todays society in fact this has given me a very good idea in the near future, As for the checklist sheet there's so many new ideas and activities I will be including into my daily routine.
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Russell @Dean @Tillymint @Naruto1234 What fantastic responses. So pleased to hear that you all have found some source of comfort throughout these testing times.

    That list I came across on Pinterest and it's fantastic. I am sure that everyone will find at least one or two things that can give them that boost of inspo!

    My husband bought me a New York architectural puzzle for Christmas which I attempted the other evening after work and after two hours I had not even managed to put even two pieces together. That will be a challenge and I will need a lot of patience for it.
    @Russell - spot on with the cooking. I have been taking the time to put more TLC into my cooking and attempt more complex dishes. Believe it or not at the age of 31 I attempted my first roast two Sundays ago. My dad has always cooked amazing roasts and his roast potatoes have always intimidated me in to attempting my own. But last Sunday I decided I would take the plunge after seeing a great Roast potato recipe. I surprised myself. It did not turn out disastrous and the potatoes were so great. By the time I sat down to eat it, I felt like I had ran a marathon and I was too hot to eat it (haha) I then have attempted twice since and sent a photo to my family on whatsapp and they said my roast looks nicer than what they make! It's something I am really proud of and a challenge I have really overcome. Now I can make a roast confidently every Sunday 😁

    I have a set of cook books including Nigella Lawson on my book shelves so I think I am going to look through them tonight and put some book marks into the recipes I like the look of. Nigella better watch out 🤣😉
  • Tillymint's Avatar
    Level 7
    @Rebecca sounds amazing, I love a roast. This puzzle sounds amazing, I love architecture and NY has some fantastic buildings, especially when you see them for real!
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Nevaeh @Thesheep @Robin @Debsvance @PasqualeMe @DEDMonte53 @Urocchvvk @watercolour @Huckleberry @LisaM @Anna @Lorraine @Martinglild @HoseaGuill
    @MoseDimond @blondi @Laurae91 @Storm - how about you guys? We'd love you to get involved in this thread! 😍 There have been some great comments and feedback so far!
  • LisaM's Avatar
    Red lipstick is my secret survival weapon! With my work, I'm on lots of teams calls all day every day, the bit of colour cheers me up and makes me feel ready for the day. I have two very active children under 6 years old, and have a baby on the way (end Feb) so I am generally exhausted, but we have something to look forward to as a family, which helps.

    I've been researching places to explore in England, too, which keeps my mind active in thinking about all the fun that will be had at some point in the not-to-distant future.

    Keep paddling everyone - we're all in the same storm, different boats :-)
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @LisaM I absolutely love the red lipstick! It's a power colour for sure and feeling glamorous helps massively when you are on a lot of video calls, the 'feel good factor'. 😍

    There are so many stunning places in England that I think are easy to forget about. The Lake District is somewhere I plan on visiting when we are all able to safely in accordance to the lockdown rules.

    I have also heard that some of the road trip routes around Scotland are beautiful and the scenery is epic! Here is a great article with some fab tips: 🤗
  • LisaM's Avatar
    A fellow red-lipstick lover :-) Thanks for that link, I will have a butchers over my hot choc before bed :-)

    ​​​​​​​Cheers Rebecca - nice to chat with you.
  • Storm's Avatar
    Level 3
    Sorry my post will be a negative one. I suffer with a personality disorder, and being indoors with curtains closed is nothing new for me. I do have mental health care
    co-coordinator who is great. So if anyone wants to ask me about any aspects of my mental health as I have a few please just ask away.
  • Anna's Avatar
    Level 3
    I do own a red lipstick but must admit I don't wear it, right now with this cold weather my lips are dry so my go to weapon to keep them moisturised is blisteze (sorry if not spelt right) its amazing.
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