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  • dawny41's Avatar
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    hi I'm susan I've been with utilita for about 3 months I switched from British gas the guy who came to my house told me my electric would be a lot cheaper than British gas which I don't think it is as I'm paying Β£60 a month I only live in a 1 bedroom bungalow and only watch TV as I'm disabled and have a cup of tea now and again thankyou...
  • PotNoodles's Avatar
    Level 3
    I do hope someone looks into this matter. This is unusual for the man to say this i live in a 2 bed flat with lots of electric used even flood lights 3 fridge freezers ect i pay Β£90 or Β£100 each month being it is still warm weather.
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    @dawny41 Hi there and welcome to the Community 😊

    Could you use the link in my signature below to private mail me your full address & best contact number - I can then get a member of our Customer Experience Team to call you and look into this for you πŸ€—

    I am your Community Manager! πŸ˜€

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