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  • Raj's Avatar
    Level 1
    Hello, my name is Oluwashola and i have been a utilita customer since december last year .seems like a good choice so far. Except for some questions which i need answers for pls.
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Raj Hi there! Welcome to the Community and nice to hear from you! Also welcome on board!

    Happy to answer any questions on here 😊 Ask away! Myself or our community members will be able to help!

    I am your Community Manager! πŸ˜€

    To post a new thread about anything you like click here

    Feel free to message me any time by clicking here
  • lukehanley's Avatar
    Level 1
    hi i am luke i have been a customer for 2 and a half years
  • Moomin's Avatar
    Level 1
    I'm Helen, and I've been with Utilita for 4 years. In December, I moved into my new flat, and it's great. Finally free from my old place; it felt good to hand in my keys, which I did on the 10th of January. One quick question: I completed the moving form in November last year. How do I close my account at my former property?
    Oh, another question: I tried to transfer credit from my electricity meter to my gas meter, and it hasn't worked. What do I do? I have no money to top up, and my gas is really, really low. Any help or advice would be great, and much appreciated.
  • Abby's Avatar
    Hi my name is Abby. I have been a Utilita customer for years (I can't remember how many) maybe 10 +. I have one dog and two cats who I love dearly.
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Abby Hello! A very warm welcome to you! WOW 10+ years is a very very long time!! That is amazing. You must have seen a lot of things change over the time you have been with Utilita - with things like the app coming into play.

    Awh I am a massive animal person too! What breed is your dog and what colour are your cats? 😍
  • Abby's Avatar
    Hi Rebecca I have a German Shepherd called Cassie age 5 and I have two black kittens who are brothers aged 11 months and 6 months.
    Do you have pets? Abby.
  • Rachel13's Avatar
    Im rachel been a customer for 3 years and its my biggest regret. I'm not happy with the service at utilita yet there doesn't seem to be a human being at utilita that cares. You are a company with the worst customer service. Since yesterday and topping up Β£28 I woke up to my gas balance being 0.49p and then that went up to Β£1 by lunch time, how do I get a breakdown of my payments and an hourly breakdown of the cost of my gas usage, you app is as useless as the staff you employ. I've made serval requests for someone to ring me, my complaint from October 2022 still hasn't be dealt with. Is this your policy to ignore customer complaints? I want someone to ring me with a refund and debt cleared, I want my complaint dealt with and I want to switch suppliers to utility warehouse who now supply my electricity and have a customer service that actually is human and answers the phone within 5 minutes of calling unlike this scam company 2 hours on hold for someone to answer that fails to listen then hangs up, disgraceful. I wouldn't recommend this supplier to my worst enemy. Utilita I want answers ASAP
    Last edited by Rachel13; 14-03-23 at 21:50.
  • Jashead's Avatar
    Level 1
    Can't get hold of utillita 4hrs - 8hrs of phone calls no reply! 5 day no gas!!

    bloody joke they are! Installed a new meter hasn't lasted even a day!!

    emergency number no answer.
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