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    Hi Everyone 😀

    If you have found your GEO In-Home-Display is not connecting to your SMETS1 smart meter, or displaying ‘No data’, here you will find the troubleshooting guide with actions to follow to connect the two.

    Follow these simple steps:

    1. First, unplug the Geo IHD from the mains, remove the batteries and wait at least 2 minutes. This would be the perfect moment to pop the kettle on. ☕

    2. Make sure to place the Geo In-Home-Display as close to your electric smart meter as possible. 💻

    3. By now you have your tea, and at least 2 minutes have passed. Place the batteries back in the display, and if using the mains, plug back in. 🔌

    4. The Geo display will then show the word ‘connecting’ on the screen.

    5. Please allow up to 24 hours for the connection process to complete, as this is the maximum time it can take.

    6. Take a seat and enjoy your tea!

    If after 24 hours the display and the smart meter are not connected, please contact where this can be looked in to further by our specialist team.

    Please include customer reference number, name, and contact number, and a brief description of the issue and any error message displayed on the screen.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  • AaleyahS's Avatar
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    @Rebecca how long does it take for them to reply via email as I'm having issues with electric meter connection
  • Dean's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Quote Originally Posted by AaleyahS View Post
    @Rebecca how long does it take for them to reply via email as I'm having issues with electric meter connection

    Hi @AaleyahS,

    Rebecca is currently on Annual Leave for the next two days,
    This User Guide is for those that have SMETS 1 Meters that have had there HAN opened remotely so that the customers can then follow the power cycling instructions above to get the device reconnected.

    I can see that you have already made a Thread about your display and that you have SMETS 2 meters and @Cat has contacted you further to get this resolved.

    ​​​​​​​Kind Regards Dean
  • DJSteve's Avatar
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    @Rebecca I have been trying this since November last year, I had the meter replaced as we thought it might be faulty, you even sent an engineer out, who said it would be working in 24 hours, guess what it isn't. The thing is when I first got I telephoned with somebody in the tech dept who said he had to turn some things on and bingo it worked then a couple of days later it just stopped, it has not worked since I know it will work as it has, I am also disabled on an Oxygen making machine for 16 hours a day and need to have an overview (Smart Meter) so as I know to top up as a couple of times now the electricity has gone off and I have struggled to breathe! Please look into it for me as it is a must-have for me and pretty much life dependent!


  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @DJSteve Sorry to hear this! Can you pop me a private message with your full address and customer reference number and I can get a member of our Customer Experience Team to take a look into your account and look at what's going on.

    Rebecca - your Community Manager
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