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  • Terrytomlinson's Avatar
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    Hi just asking what help will we be getting when these prices go up next month British gas will be giving there customers a grant to help out with the bils
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Terrytomlinson Hiya 😀 👋 - we have a post coming this week explaining more the reasons behind the price increase. We have our energy high5 as well as smart score to help our customers save as much money and energy as possible. In addition - we have just paid out the second Warm Home Discount grant to all eligible customers. 😀
  • Jobie's Avatar
    @Rebecca ...hi hope your well...can you please find out why I never got my warm home discount grant please ...they said I was too late but its impossible as I set an alarm for the 11th to put in for my grant ....I was with British gas for over 20 years n I've never been refused one but as soon as I changed to utilita I was refused ..I've also asked about a second grant and someone I was speaking to on the app had never heard of it ....I've also asked for a smart meter to be fitted but told there is no one available? I live in an energy rated f house which means it's absolutely freezing I have a disability and a daughter who lives with me its making us both depressed...can you help plz
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Jobie Hello and firstly, welcome to the Community and it is very nice to hear from you - although I am sorry it's not in better circumstances after reading your post above.

    So - you can very well apply in time and also meet the criteria - but we only get a certain amount of quota. This essentially means a certain amount of Warm Home Discount Grants to give out to those customers that are eligible. Because it's so very unfair if we hand select those that qualify, it's almost on a first come, first serve basis. As it's so popular - these places get filled so quickly.

    In addition to this - the bigger suppliers get more quota/spaces because they are a bigger supplier and thus serve more customers in order to have to serve in regards to this scheme.

    The only reason this quota rule would be overruled is if you come into the 'Core Group' which means you are of pensionable age and are awarded it by the DWP. That would mean you automatically qualify to receive it. Anything outside this circumstance would count as the 'Broader Group' - and the process would be as I have explained above.

    Nonetheless, I totally sympathise and understand the frustration from your end - and it does not make it any easier when you are struggling.

    If you wanted to privately message me your customer ref number - I can certainly look into your account to see if there is any more detail and context we can give you. But the explanation above will be the main reason behind it.

    To private message me directly - please click here 🤗

    Thanks again for your message and I hope I have explained it the best I can?

    Thanks as always,
    Rebecca - your Community Manager 🙂
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  • Jobie's Avatar
    @Rebecca thankyou for the reply Rebecca x
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Jobie An absolute pleasure - apologies for my late reply, I have been on holiday 😀

    Hope you are well?
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