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Do you pay for your energy via our billed service, rather than pre-payment service?

Ever heard of 'Billpay'? If not, now you have! 😀 🤩 (your life is going to get a whole lot easier)

Our Billpay cards are a simple way to make a payment towards your bill online. Read below for our FAQ's! 👍

What does it do?
BillPay cards are payment cards that allow you to pay off outstanding balances on your account.

Who can have a BillPay card?
All Domestic and Commercial customers who currently pay for their energy on receipt of a bill, or via direct debit. Customers who owe a balance on their account may also use a BillPay card to pay this off.

How is it different to a top-up card?
A top-up card adds credit to your smart meter for you to spend on energy, whereas a BillPay card allows you to make payments to reduce any outstanding balance on your account.

How long do the cards take to arrive?
Please allow 2 weeks for your BillPay card to arrive.

Payment methods and amounts

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