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  • Deangilson1980's Avatar
    I've had my smart meters fitted this week, after switching suppliers to utilita. Sales pitch and benefits of no standing charges makes it so tempting to switch to them. But wish didn't bother now.
    1. 2 month until an installation date, after switching.
    2. Was told that my old meters still carry the standing charges. So I was on the utilita higher than norm supplier rates per kwh. And the meters still had standing charges. 2 mnth.
    3. Installation date. And both meters should be on prepay but on credit. Electric Showing on in house display but no gas. Checked gas meter and says default mode.
    Phoned and was told wait 24hours. Waited and nothing. Phone again and was told its ok you will be billed at end of the monthly period. I told them no I won't I'm meant to be on prepay. And where is my credit from old meter. To be told wait another 24hours. Waited and still nothing.
    I expect they will just send a massive bill and expect it to be paid because I have no way of knowing how much gas I've used or have the info there to dispute if they tried to massively over charge.
    From the forum feed, I can see this issue been around since June, and a rep said we know about the issue and will be sorted in a week. It's October and people are still saying it's not working. UTILITA stop selling products and services that you can't achieve. Because your SMART system isn't that smart at all.
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    Hi everyone, I am looking into this - it's quite a complex issue - so I wanted to let you all know that I will take this away and come back with what I find out. @sockwolf, I believe myself and dean got your issues sorted in regards to this πŸ˜€ Let me know if the issues have returned.

    I have a meeting booked with the relevant parties within Utilita on Monday and will report back to you guys 😊

  • Deangilson1980's Avatar
    Day 6 after being told the smart meters will update after 24hours.
    Still no data on inhouse display. Should be on prepay but meters showing...
    electric says credit mode.
    Gas gas says default mode.

    ​​​​​​​What is going on....
  • Deangilson1980's Avatar
    @Rebecca where was the update from your meeting to sort out all the issues with customers smart meters and not showing gas data on the in-house display.
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Deangilson1980 Hi Dean, I have touched base late yesterday afternoon on this matter with the relevant people within the business.

    As mentioned the reason for your gas not showing could be down to multiple reasons. If you have a 'GEO' In Home Display - we have a trouble shooting process now being briefed out to all customer facing employees.

    If you have a 'Secure' In home display - we would need to take a look into your account.

    I will drop you a DM now so you can give me your account details so I can get this investigated internally.

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