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    I have an Smart Display that shows balance and usage as it happens currently connected to WiFi since Feb 16th 2024, however its saying on my app that its not connect to wifi and that i could get the most out of it if i do.

    Its been going on for a couple of months now!

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times, force stopped the app and cleared the cache on the app too. The app has had several updated and still no hope!

    Just letting everyone know just in-case you think your Smart Display isn't working properly.

    Utilita havent got a clue as to what it is as phoned them several times!
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    @cammappin Hi there and thanks for getting in touch about this.

    Can I ask one more thing that I cannot see in your message that you say you have tried?

    Have you got the most up to date smart phone software on your phone - Android 14 (API 34).

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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