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  • JDH's Avatar
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    Hi My understanding was my gas charges were Smart Energy

    First 2 kWh each Day at 20.847p per kWh, thereafter at 5.727p.

    So if I used 56 kWh in April and I know all of this was used over 7 days of the month (with the boiler being switched off at the wall for the rest of the month) then my assumption was some would be at the higher first rate but the majority would be at the lower second rate.

    However my bill shows all 56 kWh at the first higher rate, almost as if usage has been averaged out over the 30 days month.

    Have I misunderstood the charge structure or have the billing department and the smart meter messed this up?
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
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    @JDH Hi there! 🤗

    I would strongly advise actually speaking with our Billing Department, as they will be able to go into your account and do a deep dive to see what is going on and make sure they carry out all the necessary checks & calculations.

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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  • JDH's Avatar
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    Have tried this but they couldn't grasp my query.
    So my question is if I use 56kwh let us say over 2 days, am I charged 4kwh at the first rate and 52 at the second lower rate, or does the 56 kwh I used in the month get averaged out and the bill shows 56 kwh all at the first rate (as averaged over the month it is less than 2 kwh per day)
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