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    Are you eligible for the Warm Home Discount?

    England & Wales

    It's important to remember

    Households in England & Wales no longer need to apply for the scheme - however, will need to meet eligibility criteria for either Core Group 1 or Core Group 2 to qualify for the £150 payment.

    If you feel you meet the eligibility criteria it is extremely important that your details are up to date with us. Specifically, your name must be the same with us, and with the DWP. If your name changes, or there's a mismatch - you need to let us and the DWP know asap. If there's inconsistencies, it could affect your payment. Give us a call on 01962 679 056 if you need to change the name we have on record for you. If you need to update any other details, the easiest way to do this is via My Utilita.

    Find out more


    It's important to remember

    Scottish households will need to apply for the scheme if they fall into the Broader Group – however, customers who receive the guaranteed portion of Pension Credit will fall into the Core Group & won’t need to apply.


    Find out if you qualify

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