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    I have just taken possession of this house, I have had to change phone's, docs. Dentist and all the bills attached to this property, my power has run out, I only put £10 on yesterday fgs...
    I've asked for emergency electric till I get paid which isn't long away.... 13th, I need electric today please, my phone is going to run outs cred soon also plz someone please 🙏 help
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    @MazMac Hi there!

    Can I ask if you have updated the energy account in your name?

    For the sake of quickness, can you private mail me your full address and contact number via the link in my signature? I can then get a call escalated for you in order to hopefully sort this out :)

    Alternatively there should be the option to activate your emergency credit on your main smart meter. To do this you simply read our how to here
    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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