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    This page is dedicated to the participants of our bigger, better Power Payback service!

    You can read all about the service in more detail, plus chat to other participants and give feedback – we'd love to hear from you!

    Why are we launching this service?

    We’re participating in the NGESO (National Grid) DFS (Demand Flexibility Service) service. This means we’ll be helping you use energy at the best possible times.

    During Power Payback you’ll be asked to reduce your electricity usage during a specific time frame, and we’ll pass on the savings to you. Reduce, save, and earn – it’s a win-win!

    How does Power Payback work?

    - Power Payback will start on the 3 February and end on the 31 March 2023
    - You’ll be asked to opt-in one day ahead of an event and you will be asked to reduce your electricity usage during a specific time frame. We’ll let you know exactly what you need to do via SMS
    - We’ll give you suggestions on ways you could reduce your energy usage
    - If you successfully reduce your electricity usage, we’ll credit your meter. The more you reduce your usage, the more you can earn
    - We’ll confirm the result of the event and if you’ve earned £££s

    What will I be asked to do?

    We’ll ask you to opt-in to a Power Payback event when this is available. Once you opt-in, you will need to reduce your usage in a time window mentioned on the opt-in message.

    We’ll give you tips on how to do this, and you’ll get SMS messages with all the information you’ll need. We’ll send you:

    - An opt-in SMS 24 hours before your timeframe to reduce your electricity usage (we’ll also include a suggestion on how you might do this)
    - A reminder of your timeframe 1 hour before it starts
    - An SMS that lets you know when the timeframe is over
    - A request to give some feedback – we’d love to hear what you think!

    How do the payments work?

    The money you earn is paid by the National Grid and we pass this on to you – it’s a reward for reducing usage during busy times. When demand is high, they want to encourage everyone to use a bit less power. This is because they don’t have to pay for expensive fossil fuel generators to turn on to meet the high demand.

    You’ll get paid for reducing your usage while the Power Payback service is running. You’ll need to do this at specified times.

    We’ll send anything you earn directly to your meter. You’ll get an SMS which confirms how much this is.

    The SMS confirms that I was successful, but I see no credit on the meter?

    It will take a few days for us to send whatever you’ve earned, so make sure to wait at least 72 hours for your credit to appear. If you still can’t see it - please contact our customer service team on 0330 3337 442 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and Saturday, 8am to 5pm - or chat to a Customer Service Advisor via our Live Chat (please see the icon on the bottom right-hand side of the Utilita Website Homepage) and we’ll sort this for you.

    Can I see the results of Power Payback?

    Of course, you can! We’ll be updating this page with all the insights we get from the service. You can also interact with the Utilita team as well as other service participants.

    Make sure you get involved, ask questions, and submit any queries that you have. It all helps us build better services in the future.

    How are the payments calculated?

    How much you earn is all about how much you reduce your electricity usage compared to what’s typical for your household. We look at your historic usage data, as recorded by your smart meter, then we compare this to what your usage was during the specific time frames we set out in the service.

    We then take the reduction amount and multiply it by the unit rate (p/kWh) provided during each event to work out how much credit to give you.

    How can I reduce my usage during a Power Payback event?

    Apart from not using your large appliances during the event window there are other ways to reduce your electricity usage. Take a look at our energy saving tips.

    Is my personal or energy data shared with third parties?

    Enrolled customers’ MPANs will be shared with NGESO. No other personal data will be shared.

    Customers that take part in the control group won’t have their data shared with any third parties.

    I know someone who has signed up for Power Payback – can I sign up too?

    Unfortunately, we’ve had to limit the number of customers to 7,500. If you weren’t selected following the completion of our sign-up form, on this occasion you won’t be able to take part.

    You can still help make Power Payback better by being part of our control group. This means we’ll analyse your usage data – there’s nothing you need to do. Just let us know if you’d like to be included by completing this form.

    You can find all T&C's here - please ensure you read them
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    Verified Answer
    @DebraTily1 Hi there! Nice to hear from you 😊

    All customers that were invited to join and completed sign up will receive an SMS about an event, when an event becomes available by National grid. So essentially, it is just a case of holding tight and looking out for a text to be alerted 🤗

    I hope this makes sense? Let me know!

  • Kitkat2021's Avatar
    Level 1
    Can i opt into this trial please?
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Kitkat2021 Hi there! At the moment it is a select group of customers to start with - as soon as we open it up we will let you know in the comments on this thread 🤗
  • DebraTily1's Avatar
    Level 1
    I was invited to join and completed my sign up for . I had an email saying it would start on the 3rd. February and that I would receive an SMS with times but haven’t received anything as yet.
  • Tersa's Avatar
    Level 1
    I’m glad you asked this question was just coming here to ask the same thing, hope if I get picked I do better than my mum who say but torch had every single switch & light off except her fridge & saved 8pence lol
  • Sharron's Avatar
    Level 1
    First time doing this is it done every day or just as and when it’s a good thing does it tell you what uses the most energy
  • Juliag73's Avatar
    @Rebecca hello got the text opted in yesterday didnt hear anything about it today like i was told i would
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Juliag73 Heya! I have fed this back to our Trial Team and they will need your customer ref number - can you private mail me this via the link in my signature.

  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Sharron the events are random and you will need to follow the instructions in the texts/emails. The events are not every day, and happen at random dates and times, triggered by national grid.
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