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    The Power Payback service has now ended for winter 22/23.

    We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that took part. You’ve contributed to Nationals Grid's effort in managing electricity demand and saving the planet for CO2 emissions.

    Check out the service highlights:

    - We paid participants nearly £20,000 – wow!
    - 80% of the participants managed to reduce their consumption at least once (this saved a total of 4.9 MWh)
    - Customers managed to save £ 1,564 worth of electricity
    - Reductions in usage prevented 920 kg of CO2 emissions which is equivalent to 3,350 miles driven

    If you’re eligible for any future services like this, we’ll let you know – plus if you’d like to know more about your personal usage through the service, or if you’ve got any questions just provide us with your Customer ID via direct mail here.
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  • jay's Avatar
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    Brilliant idea and was very happy to participate. I am already a very low user of both fuels but often charge my car during afternoon and evening. I unplugged the car at 5pm and went out for a brisk 45 minutes walk so only the fridge was on. When I got back I used my tablet to view some comedy until 6.30 and as usual only had one energy saving light bulb on before going through to kitchen to prepare evening meal. Last time I got 65p payback which was nice but I see this project as a way to incentivise people to be more energy (and healthy planet!) conscious.
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @jay Hi there! Nice to hear from you 🤗

    So pleased to hear you like and think the initiative is a good idea.

    That is great to hear about the fact you are a low user already - which can make it challenging to save even more - however, the fact you have still saved and had some form of a pay out is amazing.

    Are you taking part in this years scheme? 🤩

    Do you have any tips to share with the rest of the community on how you save and reduce energy?
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  • jay's Avatar
    Level 2
    @Rebecca Yes, I'm taking part and I have now posted a few suggestions. Hope they help people to consider their energy consumption not just in terms of saving money, which is essential ofc, but also to help reduce global warming.
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @jay I totally agree with you Jay - this is a double win! Great for the pocket and also good for contributing towards positive climate change. It's a win win!

    Your thread was super - I know for a fact our members will find it so helpful!

    Thank you for sharing your advice, it really was great to read and makes a difference! 🤗🤩
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