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    Hi guys 😊, hope you're all well?

    Does it feel like your gas or electricity meter is sometimes in slow-motion? We know it can take a little longer for your top-ups to go onto the meter – this is due to the meter running off a battery that wakes up every half hour.

    However, you can speed up the process and enter top-ups manually by following these steps:

    1. Pres the blue A button on your main gas and/or electricity meter

    2. The message 'Vend Mode' should display

    3. Enter the entire top-up code reference number you get on your paper/email or app receipt

    4. Then press the red B button on your main gas and/or electricity meter

    5. Your top-up transaction should now be processed and credited to your meter

    6. Once the top-up is processed, one of the following messages will appear on your gas and/or electricity meter:

    - Accepted (your top-up has successfully credited to your meter)

    - Rejected, Duplicate (Your top-up has already been credited to your meter)

    - Rejected, Incorrect (The top-up code has been entered incorrectly, please try again)

    - Rejected, Incomplete (You have not entered the entire top-up code and have missed a few digits)

    - Rejected, Invalid (This means you could be at the wrong meter - check what meter the top-up is for - ie. electricity or gas meter, and ensure you are at that meter)

    For a step-by-step guide, please watch our handy video below! 👍🤩

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