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    Make today grate… It’s National Cheese Toastie Day! 😍

    Crisp and crunchy bread. Creamy and bubbly cheese. Sometimes, nothing beats a cheese toastie! It’s time to dig out the toasted sandwich maker, trusty toastie bags or even the air fryer - as today is National Cheese Toastie Day!

    National Cheese Toastie Day is the celebration of everything that makes toast and cheese truly – ‘grate.’ It’s celebrated every year on the 27 October to highlight the nation's number one favourite snack. Brits have previously crowned the mighty cheese toastie as their favourite lunch snack, beating off strong competition from the jacket potato and beans on toast. A whopping 4.3 billion toasties were eaten last year in the UK, with 3.3 million people eating one every day and a staggering 31.3 million people eating them at least once a week.

    We’ve been hard at work helping our customers, and the rest of the country, save energy this year with the Utilita High 5 and Shop Smart, Cook Savvy campaigns – so we thought we’d try out one of Cooking High 5’s trusty tips and bring out the air fryer to make a low cost cheese toastie.

    So, why not join the air fryer revolution this National Cheese Toastie Day and chow down knowing you’ve helped to reduce some energy waste!

    - 2 slices of bread
    - Cheddar cheese (or another cheese of your preference)
    - Butter

    - Preheat air fryer to 180C.
    - Butter one side of each piece of bread (this will be on the outside of your toastie)
    - Turn one slice of bread over and load up with cheese.
    - Add any other fillings if wanted – just as a heads up, cheese and ketchup make a great combo!
    - Place the other slice of bread on top, the buttered sides should now both be on the outside.
    - Air fry at 180C for 6 minutes, flip over and cook for another 3 minutes until golden.

    Head over to @utilitaenergy on Instagram to check out our reel recipe or follow the steps below…

    Now sit back and enjoy the cheesy goodness, knowing your toastie only cost 9p to cook! Let us know how you get on in the comments section below!
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