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    @Nsharp981 I have had feedback from the trial team that the text alerts have not gone out yet 😊

    Hold tight, as it it scheduled 🤗
    I am your Community Manager! 😀

    To post a new thread about anything you like click here

    Feel free to message me any time by clicking here
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    The trial has officially finished! 🎉

    Thanks again for taking part in our Power Payback trial. We’ve had a great response and seen trialists saving, and earning cashback on their energy!

    During the trial, 64.2 % of our trialists managed to reduce their consumption, saving in total 494.7 kWh.

    We paid trialists £5,535.56 in total and on top of that, trialists managed to save £155.83 worth of electricity.

    Don’t forget, every kWh saved helps the planet too. In fact, trialists managed to save 87.9 kg CO2, that is equivalent to the pollution from driving 320.1 miles! So thank you for doing your part and being an eco-hero!

    Finally! Hats off to 13 of our trialists that earned the maximum pay-out of £15 for a single event!

    What were your overall thoughts on the trial? We'd love to hear your comments in this thread comments section! 👇
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    Head of Community
    Once again thank you for taking part to our Power payback trial. Your feedback can help us to provide excellent service to you and other Utilita customers. We’d love to hear of your trial experience, so don’t forget to complete our feedback survey.
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