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    Since this scheme started I applied everytime . I got lucky on my first try . Every year since then I have notified I was unsuccessful. I am in the broader group and receive esa / pip. I have asked about this and was told too many people applied I was just unlucky and a case where the DWP could not prove my benefits so lost out again .Having said that all those people who got it last year will automatically get it again this year . Last year I received a text message to my Utilita account again I was unlucky . So this year I wonder if I will get lucky … highly unlikely but as thousands will apply can’t blame them but it would be nice !!! So to all those customers out there like me good luck ! plus I am one of those who will not be receiving the government handout of £650.
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    @Reenie Hi Reenie, a warm welcome to the Community!

    Sorry to hear you feel this way - As you say you come under the broader group - this has always been on a first come first serve basis due to us only having a certain amount of Warm Home Discount quota.

    The details of this years scheme will be released soon and we will notify our customers accordingly with ample time ahead of the opening period.

    I hope this helps?

    Rebecca - your Community Manager
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