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    I have had been unfortunate to purchase a property with pre payment meters which I have to keep for 12 weeks. The app dosent show me any balance for the gas and been quoted t&cā€™s and told tough

    i have asked this to escalated and been refused and asked for a manager to call me and again refused

    I did t ask for pre payment or want them but stuck with them for 12 weeks.

    when you call they cut you off which has happened several times and the chat is just some key board warrior unwilling to help.

    I advised I have rights and if the app is t up for purpose whimsy should I be penalised.

    can anyone offer any advice??
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Janner70 Hello! Sorry to hear that you have had a negative first time experience with Utilita. We would need to check the account to see what is going on - Usually the community is for member to member help and for genera enquires but on this occasion as you have had no joy I will escalate this for you Janner šŸ˜Š Can you send me a private mail by clicking here and confirm your full address and/or customer reference number?

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