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    Level 1
    After 45 minutes on hold listening to bad music and the same very annoying recorded message every 10 seconds I finally got through to "Sharon."

    I explained to Sharon that I am AUTISTIC. That I needed to setup a VARIABLE Direct debit, as I had received an email threatening that I would be put on the premium rate if I didn't establish a direct debit by the 1st of July 2022 (despite paying my energy bill on time in full every single month)

    So Sharon, without explanation, apology or consideration for my disability disappeared and in her place I got yet another recorded message mentioning a link to establish a SET AMOUNT Direct Debit, (NOT a VARIABLE Direct Debit) and that if I needed help to stay on the line where I am now back in the same queue listening to same bad music and the same very annoying recorded message every 10 seconds...

    I rang because neither the Utilita App nor the Utilita Website allow me to set up a VARIABLE Direct Debit as they only allow a "if you know the amount you wish to pay" set up system.

    This is copy and paste from the threatening email I received, and the bold highlighting is mine:
    "To set-up a Fixed Direct Debit (a monthly payment of an agreed amount based on your usage), visit our website or call our team on 03300 535 669.

    To set-up a Variable Direct Debit (a monthly payment that changes based on your usage), call us on 03300 535 669."

    I'm now on hold STILL and have so far wasted over an hour
    I feel like I am being discriminated against.
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  • ANZAC's Avatar
    Level 1
    Christina set up my Variable Direct Debit bless her. That was very unpleasant until Christina helped me.
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    Head of Community
    @ANZAC Morning and a warm welcome to the Utilita Community! Firstly - I wanted to apologise that you have been through this kind of customer experience - it sounds very inconvenient, confusing and stressful; which is not something we would want for any customer.

    Thank you very much for bringing this to mine and the communities attention - as feedback like this allows me as your Community Manager to go away and re-examine this process and fine tune it based on the feedback you, a member, gives us.

    Please leave this with me to feed back into the business and ensure it is considered and re-looked at so necessary tweaks can be made - as I fully agree that your experience sounded stressful and not straight forward.

    I will report back with any major updates I get back accordingly.

    Please feel free to take a look around the community in the meantime - it's a pleasure to have you as a new member 😀

    Rebecca - your Community Manager
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    @ANZAC It's a pleasure to be able to help and I am pleased it was sorted in the end! Nonetheless the process still needs to be examined. I do hope you enjoy looking around the rest of the community and the different boards. 😃
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