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  • Jedi77's Avatar
    How come my smart meter never adds up to my monthly bill. My reading last month on my smart meter said £100 but my final bill that came in was £168 before vat? What's the point in a smart meter / in house display unit if they don't even match up close.
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Jedi77 Hi there, if you are on a direct debit which is sounds as though you are - then the charges would be broken down on your monthly bill.

    Due to the complexity of this and due to it not being a general enquiry, it would be best to speak to a member of our Billing Department Jedi.

    With this in mind, I would highly recommend our Live Chat on our website for the quickest and and most convenient way to get through to an advisor who will be able to access your energy account.

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  • Clairekendall87's Avatar
    Level 3
    @Jedi77 I've had this problem among many other problems they are the worst company for explaining how they get the readings and rates for smart meters and even worse if on economy 7. Best thing you can do is leave this company. I've been going through the ombudsman now for a year and a half and still no joy with these whatsoever.
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