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  • Bottomley30's Avatar
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    I have completed on a property where Utilita supply the gas and electric via a smart metre. I want to transfer the account into my name however on line it states you have have to complete a move in form but asks for a customer reference number which I naturally don't know so can't complete

    ​​​​​​​I've tried calling twice but have given up after an hour of no one answering. Won't have any gas or electric soon. Can anyone help on how I get the account set up in my name please
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  • Cat's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hi @Bottomley30 ,

    I am sorry you are having trouble with this. On the form the customer reference number is not a required field so the form can be completed without this. You can also tick the off supply box when filling in this form. If you would prefer we do also have a live chat option, you can find the live chat here where an agent will be able to reset your meters and set up a new account in your name.

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  • sim's Avatar
    I have moved in to a property I have bought supplied by Utllita. I phoned and was told to email id for me and documents for proof of ownership. My title and deeds will not be available yet. I have documents from sale from conveyancer and estate agents( contact / memorandum of sale). Will these be sufficient?
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  • Cat's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hi @sim ,

    I will check for you the documentation we will accept and update you soon.

    Cat 👋
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