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    My smart meter has started to go a little crazy over the past few days,to watch 2 TVs and use an Xbox it is costing about 20pence an hour and to use 2 consoles and 2 TVs it cost around 50pence this has never happened before even when the electric prices went up in march,could my meter be faulty
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Sherbert35 Hello there. I do not think it sounds like there is anything wrong with your meter, and even if your meter was faulty - it would not show inaccurate energy usage.

    With the current energy crisis and price cap increasing - we are advising our customers to be mindful of energy saving tips we share (especially on here and on our social media pages).

    If you can cut down to one console at a time, this will save energy. You can also check your TV is on Energy Saving mode if there is this option on there? (Most TV's have this now days).

    I hope this helps? 😊

    Rebecca, your Community Manager
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