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  • SockWulf's Avatar
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    Hi everyone.

    I tried to top up using my new NatWest Mastercard today, but the payment was rejected twice. Even though I approved it in the NatWest app. However, the money has been taken from my bank account. I'm assuming that the money has simply been 'reserved' and will return to my bank account after a few working days? If so, does anyone know how long this can take?

    I ended up using my old card to top up, so we're fine for gas and electric, but I was able to use my new card to pay rent, council tax, TV licence and some other bills fine. Just not Utilita. Very odd.

    ​​​​​​​- Troy
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  • Dean's Avatar
    Community Manager

    This sounds like a failed top up and like you have said the money will be held in reserved or pending with your bank, it is most likely that the utilita app lost signal as you was making the payment causing the failed top ups if the money does leave your account still then you will need to speak to one of our agents on 0330 333 7442
    It can take up to 14 working days for your bank to process this back to your account

    Kind Regards Dean
  • SockWulf's Avatar
    Level 1
    It took less than a week for the funds to return to my bank account, so no problems there.

    ​​​​​​​I tried to use my new NatWest Mastercard to top up again today, and yet again it was rejected. Utilita is the only site where I have had any issues at all with this card. 😣
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