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  • kkamaleshkar's Avatar
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    Hi All,

    I have been using Utilita for the past two weeks. Below are the details of my plan,

    Tariff Name: Smart Energy
    Payment Method : Prepayment

    Tariff Rates
    Unit Rate 1: 53.730p
    Unit Rate 2: 27.120p

    According to the plan the Unit Rate should change after the first 2KWh and the Saver rate ( Rate 2) needs to kick in automatically.

    However, In my case the Saver Rate is not considered till now and only First Rate is considered. Anyone else facing this issue ?

    Is this because of plan change or my meter is having any error?


    Kamal K
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  • kkamaleshkar's Avatar
    Level 1
    Hi All,

    I had a call with complaints department today and they have requested for a new smart meter change. An engineer will be coming on May 17th. Till then I have to manage the additional cost. They will check the meter and refund the additional amount paid. Hoping this will get sorted by May. I will update here when this is sorted.
  • kkamaleshkar's Avatar
    Level 1
    Update : The engineer installed the smart meter and took the faulty meter with him. The smart meter is not getting signals as it is in basement and I was informed that there is a defect another engineer is booked to come on June 6th. It would have been good, If someone would have fixed my old meter and refund my over charged money, instead of replacing it with the smart meter. I will wait for what happens next and update here.
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