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  • Michael86's Avatar
    Level 2
    I created a post on Facebook to help others save some serious money with your bills..

    Energy Bills are rising by £693 in April 2022
    Here’s a few tips to maintain your household bill without spending £100’s 💚

    💡Upgrade you lighting to LED 8W (60W) light bulbs and you can save £8.50 for each Light Bulb a year. that's another £50 - £65 a year.

    Switch Off Lights:
    💡Turn off your lights when leaving a room could save you £20 a year.

    Switch Off Standby Appliances:
    📺 By switching off standby appliances could save you £30 - £55 a year.
    Note - Check the instructions for any appliances you aren’t sure about.

    Kettle Usage:
    ⚡️Only fill the amount of water your going to use this can save you £10 - £15 a year.

    Turn down your thermostat:
    🌡Turning down your thermostat by 2 degrees could save you £100 - £150 a year.

    Washing Machine:
    🧺 Start using your washing machine on a 30 degrees can save you £20 a year.

    Tumble Dryer:
    ⚡️Avoiding a tumble dryer for a year can save you £50 - £125 a year depending on the type on tumble dryer.

    Draught Proofing:
    🌡 By draught proofing your home you can save £20 - £30 a year.

    🚿 1 min less in the shower can save you £120 - £150 a year on water, gas and electricity..
    Not good enough.? Turning off the water while washing your body and hair could save a further £50 - £75 a year.

    Hope these tips help you save some money 💚
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Michael86 This is AMAZING! And this is exactly what we want to be seeing from our members! Sharing 'How To's' and sharing tips on everything that helps them!

    This is the first 'Help Post' that we have ever had from a Community Member so a MASSIVE thank you Michael!

    There is also some challenges and more tips on our 'Energy Efficiency' board! 🤗😍🤩
  • Michael86's Avatar
    Level 2
    Such an honour to post Utilita’s first help post 🙂 I did add #PlanetPledge on my original post on Facebook when I made my post the other day 🙂

    Was very pleased to win #PlanetPledge competition on Facebook as well last week with one of my energy saving tips 🥳

    Will try my best to give more to this community 💚

    Thank you
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Michael86 oh WOW I did not know you'd won planet pledge competition over on Facebook - that is FAB! Your tips are definitely worthy of that! Congratulations!

    Keep shining and myself and the rest of the Community really appreciate all that you're adding here! 🤗

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