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    Welcome to WEEK 2 of the Planet Pledge Challenge! ♻ 🌏

    We cannot wait for you guys to join us on this second of THREE weekly Planet Pledge challenges!

    CHALLENGE 2! We want you to share ideas on how members can recycle household items into crafty bits (this can be for all those who are into crafts and arts or who have children and want to get them involved as perhaps a weekend activity?)

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    Here are our top tips to get started!

    - Reuse: Bags, bottles and lunch boxes can be used over and over – so swap out single use plastics by remembering to pick up your reusables before leaving home. Dig that reusable travel mug out of the bottom drawer and make yourself a nice brew to take to the school run or weekend walk – this will also save you £££ on take out coffee!

    - Recycle: Remember to clean and sort your recyclable packaging. Plus, get creative with the kids by turning your trash into treasure and craft yourself a toilet roll bird feeder or plastic bottle planter.

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    - Ever had a GU pudding?: Save the glass pots and use as storage trinkets or even candle tea light holders. You can even personalise them by purchasing some glass paint and drawing pretty patters on them! This can be done the same for any glass containers you have round the house such as pasta and jam jars, even pretty wine bottles cam be used as candle stick holders!

    - Cosmetics: Bubble bath bottles usually have screw tops – why not look for shower gel that comes in eco top-up containers that can be used to top-up your plastic packaging at home to save you re-purchasing plastic bath bottles again!

    - Declutter: An excuse to clear out and reorganise your home – a good declutter and premature Spring Clean can be so good for the soul! Clean home, clean mind. Anything you no longer want or use (including any unwanted Christmas presents you may have received) can be donated to charity or be re-gifted to a family/friend/neighbour as a future birthday or random gift – which saves you ££££! WIN WIN!

    We want to see your wonderful works of art below in the comments, or any great ideas you have come up with for unwanted items lying about the house! – Share your photos with us below 👇 and we’ll share our favorites on our Instagram and Facebook page! 🤩

    Don’t forget, you could WIN a Smart Phone worth £400 this week! Just remember to share how you’re helping to tackle climate change on social media by tagging @UtilitaEnergy with the hashtag #PlanetPledge.
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