Planet Pledge Challenge WEEK 1 - SlayVampireEnergy - 17 – 23 January: #SlayVampireEnergy 🧛

We are SO excited to be holding THREE weekly Planet Pledge challenges in January – and we want YOU to get involved! Take part in our first of THREE weekly Planet Pledge challenges!

CHALLENGE 1! Become an energy detective: Hunt out all the energy vampires sapping up your power – be on the lookout for things such as the red standby light on appliances such as TV’s and Games Consoles. These small but mighty suckers can be costing you unnecessary money for quite frankly – nothing back in return – for the appliance just to ‘exist’. Sniffing out these lurking energy sucking leaches can save you a considerable amount of money, better spent on having fun or treating yourself on something nice!

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Here are our top detective tips to get started!

- Flick the switch: Avoid standby and switch your gadgets off at the mains when not in use - smart plugs can make it easier to turn off hard to reach plugs.

- Always unplug: Once your devices are fully charged, remember to disconnect and unplug the charger when you’re finished with them.

- Go green: When looking to replace old appliances, remember to check out the energy rating – an A++ rated device will use less energy whilst in standby mode.

- Cut down on appliances: Are there appliances you have lying about in the bottom drawer of the kitchen that you haven’t used in years – why not DECLUTTER and give to charity or give to a family or friend. Some of these items may even be plugged in not being used for months sucking energy right under your eyes.

We want to know what you have detected and put to a big fat stop to – share with us below 👇 and your tip may be shared on our Facebook page depending on how good it is! 😍

Don’t forget, you could WIN a Smart Phone worth £400 this week! Just remember to share how you’re helping to tackle climate change on social media by tagging @UtilitaEnergy with the hashtag #PlanetPledge.”