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    I’ve been a customer for 18 months I’ve never had so many issues with a company! I’ve already had to contact the ombudsman last year to resolve a billing issue. Now I’ve been without heating hot water and shower for Three Days! Despite being a severely disabled vulnerable customer, (wheelchair user, cancer, ventilated) on priority register, numerous calls, several job refs given, promises made for an engineers call out, no-one has done anything! I live in Scotland, we have snow, it’s freezing and they’re happy to leave me with no heating/hot water until after the holidays. To say I’m disgusted is an understatement- I’d change providers but we are tied in to a two meter system that no other company will take on. I’ve tried, believe me. Right now I’ve been on hold on the phone for 47 minutes…
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
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    Hello @Annette - welcome to the Community! We are sorry to hear this! If you are still to get through, please pop me a private mail with your account number, and I will escalate this back into the business.

    Rebecca - your Community Manager
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    Hey. Are you back on yet? I’m still off and I’m on day 5…. I can’t get through to anyone either!! Hope your ok
  • Annette's Avatar
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    No, still not back on. I got through to the complaints dept, was given the name of the employee, and their direct no, and promised it would be rectified. Trying to call this morning and that no is not working! Double checked I’d got it right, which I had as i then went to my phone records and pressed redial from my call list when I rang them last Friday. Now that no is not working, I’m currently on hold and have been for 18 mins. I’m frozen. I’m callling Ombudsman as soon as I have spoken to them today
  • Annette's Avatar
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    Hi Rebecca
    Day 8 now and still no heating, I’ve spoken to a Mr Russell in the complaints dept. Was given his no to ring. He was supposed to return my call Friday afternoon, but never did. Now that no is unobtainable. It is def the correct no. I’m disgusted at this service! Utterly’s disgraceful that yiu would leave a paraplegic customer with cancer living in Scotland with NO heating!
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