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    From beginning we have problem with transfer from eOne to Utilita. Someone on Utilita end redirected us to wrong team etc. When finally we get someone who knows what to do we get konw that we never was on bill mode, eOne don't send all details and meter can't be transferred, we lost electricity twice and we need to Top Up still via eOne. When finally I decide put complain everything go through. We get check from Utilita for £30 with apologies for any inconvenience and now we get Polite Reminder to pay bill £48.52. Fot what? If we never was on bill mode. Please advise.
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    Hi @ahejna35 ,

    In this instance as you are asking about the polite reminder bill you will have to speak to one of our agents in our billing team that will be able to look into the bill and find out what it is in regards to,
    You can reach our billing team on our customer service line on 0345 207 2000.

    Kind Regards

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