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    Electric Smart Meter



    I posted here a few days ago and someone replied but the thread was closed before I could response.

    I got my gas and electric smart top up meters installed 2 Fridays ago now (24th September).

    Honestly I feel like going to utilita was a really big mistake. The smart meters were actually supposed to be installed on 17th but the engineer abandoned the job. Just left without a word and I had to call up when I eventually could get through 2 hours later only to be told that he abandoned it as I was showing signs of covid, which by the way was complete and utter nonsense.

    Anyway it was rearranged for the following Friday 24th after I had already taken a day off work the previous week. The engineer said it was a difficult job due to the set up of my previous meters and this was probably the reason the previous engineer disappeared without saying anything.

    Fair play to the second engineer who done the job which took him twice the time as normal but as we speak now… electric meter still not registered and I’m really worried my electric is going to cut off at some point as I have not topped up as I am unable to. I am probably on emergency credit and being charged for it through no fault of my own.

    The little device for checking balance etc is not coming on it’s just saying connecting. The app is only showing me info for gas.

    I can’t get through to the call centre and the online chat is also not working, and now it’s Sunday as well and it’s closed.

    I’m sorry but the company is a complete shambles.
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    Utilita may use another company to do meter installs so the bad experiance you have had is down to them not Utilita of course that does not help you. Just advising to give confidence deciding to go with Utlita smart meters (I do not work for Utilita) had problems with smart meter's install from another well known energy company who used a install company. Hope you get problems sorted very soon
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    Hi @jdogg76 ,

    Thank you for your message I have sent you a Private DM addressing your issues.

    Kind Regards