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    I recently (31/7) paid off my power up debt but it is still showing on my account, I did a live chat and the agent says it's not on my account on their side but I'm unable to power up as there is debt on my meter (?)

    I changed my repayment % to 90% so daren't top up as I don't know if 90% will disappear for a debt that's already been repayed.

    The live agent said to unlink my account for 24 hour and try again and get back in touch it it hasn't gone but that's not ideal when I need to top up soon.

    ​​​​​​​Any ideas?
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  • Nuno's Avatar
    Hi There!

    What you are describing suggests that you are experiencing a delay with the app. Which could be causing the power up not to process. Although without looking at the account directly, I cannot confirm this for you. However if it is that then any one of our agents could provide account credit if you were to call us directly. I would suggest doing so as soon as you can to avoid having to worry about using our feature any longer.

    Also if there is anything other queries our agents will be more than willing to provide you with the assistance required. 😊

    Best wishes
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