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    Rejected payments

    1 Week Ago

    Hi, I have 7 different transactions that came out of my account and still haven't been refunded for them. Please can you look into this as was 70 pounds that came out of my accounts.

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    1 Week Ago

    Hi There @Moo ,

    I am sorry to hear about this, Usually when a payment is rejected the money is not taken from your bank but is instead held in a pending account, the funds can stay in this state for up to 14 working days, I would check your account to see if these are still pending, If they are these will bounce back to your account.

    If the funds have left your account then you will need to speak to an agent who will be able to raise a refund request enquiry,

    To speak to one of our agents please call us on 0345 207 2000 or alternatively you could use our live chat on our website

    Kindest Regards