Our Priority Services Register ❀


Have you heard about the Utilita Energy Priority Services Register? πŸ‘­

This is a register we keep - which is made up of our customers who need a little extra care, this could range from having an ongoing illness, living with a disability which means you are more reliant on your energy, or because you have children under the age of 5 years old.

It’s important to us that we can provide extra care and support to those who need a little extra help, or simply where going 'off supply' will result in discomfort or danger! To do this - we need the most up to date information for you on our PSR.

To ensure your information is up to date, or if you are not on our Priority Services Register already, and feel you should be - fill out our online form today at http://ow.ly/EEUk50FgHkr

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