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    Hi everyone I have just signed up for this today , I'm not sure if I'm even in the right place to introduce myself. ? Well I'm into the spirit world and I love to read books that interest me. I also like to watch very funny films and programs on tv. I love Brooklyn nine nine it makes me laugh I dont have any friends really except 5 that i can count and they are all elderly over 60 or 70 . I do love to write I'm not that brilliant with spelling or pronouncing words that are long I am actually starting a ENGLISH course and Maths course in September. I am 50 years old this October omg I can not believe that one but it is true all the same. I would love to make some actual real honest and genuine truthful friends. I am honest and a very straight talker and I live in the westmidlands area in the uk. Well enough for now but if you would like to get in touch dont hesitate just hit them buttons and type lol . I dont bite well maybe just a little lol.
    ​​​​​​​smurf .
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    Head of Community
    @Smurf Hello and welcome!! What a great post and it's so nice to hear more about you! You certainly sound like a big character and that is exactly the kind of people we would love to have as part of the mix of our growing community! You sounds like a fun loving person and I cannot wait to hear more from you on here and get to know you better! How long have you been a Utilita customer for?

    Rebecca, your Community Manager
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