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    Gas meter not showing on app


    Hi can anyone help please. I’ve been with utilita for years but for the last 2 years maybe my gas meter is not showing on the app. It says I need to book an install. Apparently my signal from my gas meter is not working properly. I am constantly ringing and emailing but nothing ever gets done. It all started when they changed to 1 app for everything.

    Depending on who I talk to at the help centre I get different answers. And some of the staff are rude and unhelpful. It’s now got to the stage where I am considering leaving the company because of there total disregard of the situation.
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    @Sarah1966 Hey! Welcome to the Community! Thanks for alerting us and the members on here to this.

    This sounds like a specific account access resolution. As you have said you have been trying to get a resolution for a while now with no joy - I will get this escalated for you 😊 Can you pop me a direct message/private mail with your account number and/or full address & postcode. We can then have look round on your account and see why this may be. 👍

    Rebecca, your Community Manager