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    Hi Guys πŸ˜€

    Ever heard of Utilita's Eco Scheme? Here we explain what it is, and how it could benefit you! πŸ€—

    What is the ECO Scheme?

    The ECO scheme is the Energy Company Obligation which is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain that is designed to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty.
    If you’re eligible for the scheme, then you could benefit from a brand-new boiler as well as a variety of other measures that are offered through the ECO scheme, all of which can help make your home more energy efficient and save you money on your energy bills.
    Utilita will install these measures for free.

    How do I know if I am eligible for the Eco Scheme?

    To be eligible you must:

    - Own your own home or live with the homeowner
    - Have a UK benefit recipient living in the property
    - Have a broken, old or inefficient boiler
    - Live within the region we currently operate in

    How does it works?

    Within Utilita the customer journey goes as follows:

    1. The ECO team call the customer and finalise customer eligibility over the phone
    2. A survey appointment will be booked for a Retrofit Assessor to attend the property and conduct a full property assessment.
    3. The ECO team will review the evidence collected at survey stage and confirm if the boiler installation can go ahead.
    4. A boiler installation date will then be booked in with the customer via the ECO team.

    This whole process from accessing the lead to completed boiler installation is expected to take up to 7 weeks.

    Where do we currently operate?

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    How can I find out more, or speak to the Eco Team at Utilita?

    To find out more contact our ECO team via telephone or email.
    Our team will go through a questionnaire with you about your home to check if it would benefit from receiving new measures.

    Phone: 01962 679048

    Your Top FAQ's for Eco Answered...

    Is everyone eligible for the ECO Scheme?
    No, there is a criteria that must be met. You can check your eligibility with our online tool coming soon.

    Do I have to pay for any installations?
    No, any measures installed under the ECO Scheme are paid for by Utilita.

    What might be installed if I am eligible?
    The installation is dependent on what is recommended to us by our surveyors. Our most common installations are wall insulations, loft insulations and boiler installations.

    What if I live outside the postcode range?
    We are looking to expand our postcode ranges in the future - However, don't fret! Our friendly Eco Team can pass along your details to one of our managing agents, who can give you the details of their ECO criteria. Simply get in touch with our Eco Team on: Phone: 01962 679048 Email:

    Do I need to be a Utilita customer to receive measures?
    No, households who fit the criteria are eligible for any changes under the ECO Scheme. You do not have to be one of our customers to claim under the ECO Scheme.

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