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    Warm Home Discount


    I am pretty new to Utilita.Iwas previously with British Gas and had to apply and was granted WHD every year.I have been told i need to apply again this year and also been told i will qualify automatically thus not needing to apply.Which is correct?.
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    @derek Hiya! We're planning on uploading all information on this years scheme on the website and all of our publications soon. At present there is not information confirmed and every supplier is different and has differing amounts of quota depending on how big they are as a supplier.

    If you are part of the 'core' Warm Home Discount qualifying group each year then usually you are automatically entitled to receive it (as per the DWP protocol) however, if you are classed as the broader group then it's usually first come first serve from the application date, which we will be publishing on here and our website as soon as we have that information 😀

    Hope this helps!
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