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    Hello lovely Community Members 😀

    So, you've lost or need to replace your top-up card(s) where they have stopped working?

    Don't fear! 🤗

    You can order new card(s) by clicking here

    Be sure to have handy either your Gas or Electric Meter Serial Number, Customer Reference Number, BillPay Number or Top-up Card Number. As you'll need that as shown below for when you are ordering new cards!

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    Common top-up card questions

    How long will it take for my replacement top-up card to arrive?
    It takes around 8 working days from when you request the replacement card for it to be received. However, you can generate your own eCard on the next step to use instantly!

    Do I have to have new top-up cards – can I top-up without them?
    Once a smart meter has been installed, you will no longer need your key/card from your old meter. You will be given a new top-up card so that you are able to top-up at PayPoint stores. On this card will be a long number that you will need when you top up over the phone, on our App, on the website or via SMS.

    Did this 'How To' guide help? Give it a thumbs up/like if it did 👍 Is there anything we can add to this to make it more helpful? Let us know in the comments below! 🤩
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    I have been trying to obtain a replacement top up card but to no avail !! I desperately need a new card in order to use my credit vouchers from the government . Can anyone help please ?
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    @Lainymac Hi there! You will find this thread handy which will help! Click here
    I am your Community Manager! 😀

    To post a new thread about anything you like click here

    Feel free to message me any time by clicking here
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