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    Utilita rewards


    Could someone please clarify this for I've got my gas and electric with utilita i have a in home display unit but it doesn't work and have been told by customer services that there is no engineers available in my area of East Sussex

    so because I get my gas and electric from utilita does this mean I get entered into the rewards that I apply to every other day or am I completely wasting my time
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    Hi @kevingoble2001,

    What is the issue with your IHD? I would suggest contacting customer services, if there is a connection issue preventing balances showing this would require a simple re-bind to be done and would not need an engineer visit. If it is not a connection issue the call centre can also assist, via live chat or over the phone.

    Regarding rewards, keep entering the competitions that interest you and you will be in with a chance. To be eligible you must enter correct details, be over 18 and have a live supply not currently in the process of leaving.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

    ​​​​​​​Cat 👋