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    A Warm Welcome from Utilita's CEO Bill Bullen
    16-11-20 , 14:18

    Hi everyone, and a very warm welcome to Utilita’s online community forum 😄🎉

    Thank you to each and every one of you for joining the Utilita Community. Whether you’ve been with us for a long time or have just switched to Utilita, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom.

    The Utilita Community is a safe and friendly place to get advice, answers to your questions and help 24/7 – plus, you’ll also be the first to hear about new product launches. But feel free to talk about anything you wish. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a natter (albeit online) about the previous night’s TV or your favourite lockdown box set – Tiger King, anyone?

    Talking of lockdown and coronavirus, this year will have taken a toll on everyone in some way; I just hope you and your families have come through relatively unscathed. Fingers crossed for some positive news in the next few months.

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    So, why launch an online forum?

    The motivation is purely in the best interests of customers like you – the reason why I created this business in 2003. Back then, I decided to challenge the then Big 6 energy suppliers. I wanted to help those households who were being badly served and overcharged. These were households, through no fault of their own, who were receiving poor service. And that was not fair.

    Utilita’s mission then – as it is now - was a simple one: to offer consumers better service and a fairer deal.

    Your feedback will be invaluable as we seek to make customer experience even better. I look forward to reading your comments and engaging with you.

    Stay safe and kind regards

    Bill Bullen, Utilita CEO
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    26-11-20 , 00:46

    Hi my name is Debbie.I am new to the community.I have been a customer with Utilita for nearly 3 years now.As i read what the intention of Utilita was when they first set out in 2003.Which was to help households who received poor service.Well i have been with 3 different companies since about 2014.The first company i was with i had got into debt on my prepayment electricity meter.Which was my own fault.I finally cleared my debt and then changed to another company.But after a couple of months I received a letter saying I had outstanding debt passed on from my old company.So I called my supplier who explained that I should get intouch with my old company which I did.But both companies were just telling me to contact the other supplier.So I finally changed to Utilita.Once again a few months later I received a letter saying I owed debt on my electricity account which is now being took of 25% of each top up i put on my electricity account.Also I qualify for the warm home discount in the broader group.I have applied 3 years in row.The last 2 years i have applied within the criteria time.But both times i have been unsuccessful.With both my old suppliers they gave more than 1 week to apply and I got the warm home discount.So my personal opinion is that Utilita is definitely not helping the households that are being overcharged or getting a poor service.I also have been on the phone to customer services and it has taken me from 40 minutes to over 2 hours before I have been able to speak to customer services.I really do appreciate that with Utilita using the smart meter and the app is a very useful and easy way to top up pre payment electricity and gas.The emergency credit and power up services are also a fantastic opportunity for customers like myself who on occasion has not had the finical means to top up.
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    30-11-20 , 12:30

    @Debsvance thank you so much for your feedback, I have sent you a private message 😀

    Is there any feedback you have specifically regarding this community and anything you'd like to see that you are not already?